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General information 


During the “Gentse feesten” (15/07/2022-24/07/2022) it is forbidden for all boat rental companies to navigate in the center of Gent. The Leie remains navigable.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel a reservation?

If the weather is bad or something comes up, the boats / luxury sloops must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance so that we can put them back on hire.
If cancellations are not made on time, the advance will not be returned or refunded.

No cancellation insurance is provided.
How do you cancel? Always call us to cancel; afterwards please send an email to confirm the cancellation.

If a gift voucher is used as an advance, the value of the gift voucher will be reduced if there is no timely cancellation.

Eg reservation of a 3-hour cabrio boat trip – cost € 86. Gift voucher of € 86. Advance payment is € 43. If you do not cancel in time, your gift voucher is still worth € 43 instead of € 86.

Can we fish on the boat?

Fishing pole, fishing line, scoop net and fishing gear are not allowed on the boats.

Can I bring my child(ren) with me?

Yes, you can. We also have life jackets for children.

Tip: for families with small children. Take a beach bucket with you on the boat. This way you don’t have to moor especially if your child suddenly has to urinate.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No, you cannot. We introduced this rule because we have unfortunately suffered damage to boats and always have a lot of cleaning work due to shedding hair.

What is the total capacity of the fleet?

142 people can sail at the same time. In exceptional cases, with special permission, 150 people.

Do you have group rates?

We have group rates on the standard boats. The prices can be viewed on the standard boats price list.

Do you ask for an advance payment on booking?

When booking we request an advance of 1/2 of the rental amount per boat.

Is it possible to pay with a bank card?

On site it’s possible to pay by bank card/cash.

Do you ask for a deposit?

No we don’t ask for a deposit, only if you cause damage will a maximum of € 200 for a cabrio and a standard boat (cash) and € 250 for a luxury sloop 5/6/10/12 people (cash) be charged for each boat franchise. Your identity cards are kept as surety during the voyage. If you don’t want that there is a cash deposit of € 200 for a cabrio and standard boat or € 250 for a luxury sloop 5/6/10/12 people to be paid for each boat on site.

What if the crew or captains are drunk or under the influence?

The captains must be sober and not under the influence, if drunk or under the influence we will refuse the rental.
Even if the captains are sober, if several of the crew are in a drunken state or under the influence, we will also refuse rental. And the advances already paid will therefore not be refunded.

There are also marine alcohol and drug controls.

Can we choose our own route?

No, this has been mapped out by us.

Are there stopping places on the route?

There are mooring places at the restaurants, etc.

Is there a toilet on board?

There is no toilet on board. If necessary, you can stop at the restaurants along the route.

What if it rains?

Our boats do sail in rainy weather. A lot of people like to sail in the rain, but it’s up to you.
If you cancel in time at least 24 hours in advance, no extra charge will be made and any advance paid will be refunded (that way we can still put the boat back on hire).

How do you cancel? Always call us to cancel; afterwards you can still send an email to confirm the cancellation.

Some more info about our boats in rainy weather:
– Standard boat: our standard boats have a small roof where the first 2 people can sit at the front and be protected from the rain. There is also a small cabin at the front for the other passengers.
– Cabrio boat: they only have the small cabin for shelter. The captain is always in the rain (umbrella).
– Luxury sloop: the luxury sloops always have a fabric cover that people can sit under or shelter from the rain. The captain is always outside (umbrella) + also the other persons who cannot go under the cover (umbrella):
Luxury sloop 5 people max. 5 people under the cover
Luxury sloop 6 people max. 6 people under the cover
Luxury sloop 10/12 people max. 8 people under the cover

What is the maximum number of people in a boat?

12 people is really the maximum. From more than 12 people, they are 2 boats.

From more than 12 people on board, the boat must be approved for more than 12 people and there must also be two captains on board with a boat license and a passenger navigation diploma.

In addition, if more than 12 people board the boat, the fully comprehensive service is no longer valid and the insurance is no longer valid.

There is no boat on the River Leie that can legally carry more than 12 people except the Benelux and Barge boats. In the centre, the guide boats, which can also be rented privately, are also approved for more than 12 people.

Otherwise, call 09/233 79 17 for any other questions regarding availability and reservations.

You can also find much more information and rates on the website

Can I bring drinks or food with me on the boats?

It is allowed to bring food and drinks (in moderation) with you on the boats and luxury sloops. Please be careful not to bring oil-containing products to avoid stains in the boats.

There is no fridge on board but you do have the option to bring a cool box or rent one from us. This can then also be connected to the 12 V socket that is provided in the boats and luxury sloops.

Can I leave by boat or leave the boat at a different location?

It can be done from another location, but this means a considerable additional cost.
The rental starts from the moment the boat leaves the port and continues until the boat is back in the port. In addition, a captain must be provided and a transfer by taxi.
The cheapest is always to leave and arrive by boat in the marina.

Is there a fridge on board?

There is no fridge on board but you do have the option to bring a cool box or rent one from us. This can then also be connected to the 12 V socket that is provided in the boats and luxury sloops.

Are we allowed to swim?

It is prohibited to swim in the River Leie and the centre of Ghent.

Do we have to reserve?

If you want to be sure that you have a boat, reservation is strongly recommended. This is only possible by telephone or online.

Can I hire a captain?

It is possible to hire a captain for 30 euros on top of the boat rental. This must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. A captain is not possible for cabrio and standard boats.

Are the boats tracked?

Our boats are equipped with a tracking system.

Can we decorate the boat?

You are welcome to decorate the boat. Be careful not to use any decoration that gives off colour in contact with water, such as coloured paper and coloured roses.

Is Minerva Boat Company in the new LEZ-zone in Ghent?

Yes,Minerva Boat Company is in the low-emission zone!

Via this link you can check whether you can still drive into the city with your car.

If this is not the case, you can park on the Ghent ring road (Godshuizenlaan and Martelaarslaan) or across the ring road (this is then a 5 to 10 minute walk).

Book your boat trip now!

Minerva has a fleet of dozens of boats and luxury sloops. Due to the crowds, we advise you to book in time. This way you can be sure that there are enough boats available for all your friends.

Contact Minerva Boat Company on +32 9 233 79 17 or book online!