Corona measures

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General information 

At this moment we’re in winter break, we would like to thank everyone for this beautiful and warm season.

Due to inflation, we in the sector are forced to increase our prices.

We will announce the start of the season on our site and Facebook page in time.

Practical agreements

With the following agreements we try to provide everyone with the best possible service, so that you get the most out of your trip.

– Reservation is advisable. This is only possible online.

– No pets are allowed on the boats.

– It is prohibited to swim in the River Leie and the centre of Ghent.

– The captains must be sober and not under the influence. If drunk or under the influence we will refuse rental. If several of the crew are in a drunken state or under the influence, we will also refuse rental. And the advances already paid will therefore not be refunded.

– You can bring your own food and drinks onto the boat. We do limit the amount of drink that can be taken on board. To prevent problems and intoxication. Be careful not to bring any oil-containing products.

– We recommend you arrive 30 minutes before departure. That way everything can be explained clearly and you will leave on time.

– It is possible to hire a captain for 30 € on top of the boat rental.  On public holidays the rental price is  60 € per hour. This must be requested at least 24 hours in advance. A captain is not possible for cabrio and standard boats

– Our boats are equipped with a tracking system.

– There is no fridge on the boat. It is permitted to bring along a cool box (12 Volt plug present). These can also be rented on site (to be reserved in advance).

– If the weather is bad or something comes up, the boats / luxury sloops must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance so that we can put them back on hire.

- If cancellations are not made on time, the advance will not be returned or refunded..

You can cancel your reservation under the following conditions:
- The cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the starting time.
- You need to inform us by phone 0032(0)9/233.79.17.
- You should also send back the confirmation e-mail with your cancellation request to the e-mail address

What happens to your advance payment?
- You paid half of the rent as a deposit? You will receive the amount paid in the form of a voucher.
- Did you pay the full amount of the rent? You will receive the amount paid in the form of a voucher.
- You used a gift voucher when booking? The gift voucher will be released again, you can then use it for a new reservation.
- You booked for a company or you live abroad? In this case, the amount paid will be refunded and you will receive it within 4 working days.

If you do not cancel in time, being at least 24 hours in advance, the following arrangements apply:
- You paid half the rent in advance? You will not receive a refund or credit.
- You paid the full amount of the rent? You will receive half of the amount paid in the form of a voucher.
- You booked for a company or you live abroad? In this case, the same rules apply, except that the amount paid will be refunded instead of a voucher.

If you booked a captain with the boat and do not cancel 24h in advance, the extra sum payed for captain will not be payed back.

If a gift voucher is used for a reservation, the value of the gift voucher will be halved if it is not cancelled in time.
E.g. A 3h cruise with a cabrio boat costs €86. 
You use a voucher of €86. The advance payment is €43. 
If you do not cancel in time, your gift voucher is still worth €43 instead of €86.

Book your boat trip now!

Minerva has a fleet of dozens of boats and luxury sloops. Due to the crowds, we advise you to book in time. This way you can be sure that there are enough boats available for all your friends.

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