Rent a boat or luxury sloop and stand at the helm yourself. Discover the historic center of Ghent and the beautiful Leie.

New! You can now rent family boats for 10 and 12 persons! Luxury sloop Waterspoor 630.


New! This year New Luxury sloops 5 persons (Lago Amore 540) and 6 persons (Interboat 17).

More comfort, luxury and space !


New ! All the boats have a 12V socket on board.


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Discover the historic center of Ghent in a cabrio boat or luxury sloop (not possible in a standard boat). Due the heavy boat traffic in the centre of Ghent experience is recommended. Therefore everybody has to navigate first on the Leie and only then in the center of Ghent.


pets are not allowed on the boats.


It is forbidden to swim in the Leie river nor in the Centre of Ghent.


Because of the new mobility we recommend that if you come from the ring road (Charles De Kerckhovelaan, Godshuizenlaan) to park near the bijlokehof or bijloke high school. Best you can park in one of the following streets Louis Pasteur, Josef Kluyskensstraat of hospitaalstraat. It can also be parked in Coupure Rechts but than you must follow the loop.


Expierence Minerva boats

Go boating on the touristic Leie river with your friends, colleagues or relatives for just a couple of hours or even a whole day. You’ll peacefully pass beautiful gardens as well as the painter’s villages St.-Martens-Latem and Deurle. Every day a few cabrio boats and luxury sloops can explore the historic center of Ghent. Due to heavy boat traffic in the centre of Ghent experience is recommended.

Our offer

  • Standard boats/cabrio boats up to 4 passengers, Luxury sloops up to 5, 6, 10 and 12 passengers
  • Very simple to operate
  • No boating license or experience required (min. age 18)
  • You will not encounter any floodgates or swing bridges on the route.
  • Qualified staff on site to provide you with all necessary information, advice and directions.

You can find us at the Minerva port, at the corner of Coupure and Lindenlei.

Reservation required (check the practical information)

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